Thrift and Thistle

Thrift and Thistle

Thrift and Thistle is a designers resource, providing handmade elements for use in your work. Ranging from illustrative typefaces to vector and high resolution resources and downloads for designers and illustrators.

I have always been interested in the handmade and the vintage, and Thrift and Thistle was set up as a site to explore personal projects as a creative outlet and form a'visual storehouse' of the collection of the Ephemeral objects I have collected. Ranging from letterpress to screen printing, and handmade fonts to old resources this is a chance to catalogue this information examine my passions and explore some creative avenues with the content.

Thrift and Thistle has since grown into providing hand made fonts, and further hand illustrated lettering, products. Also branching into themes, and further hi-res and vector resources.

Thrift and Thistle is a personal project with the design including:

  • Website Design and Build
  • Responsive/Adaptive HTML/CSS accessible website design
  • Integration of Payment Gateway
  • Handmade font design
  • A series of handmade prints
  • Vector and Hi-res resources