Sprout Studio was approached to create a publication document to celebrate the work undertaken by Creative Partnerships Thames Valley in their 2007/2008 programme. The publication looks at the programme through the lens of The Creativity Wheel, a framework for assessing creativity developed by Creative Partnerships Durham Sunderland.

The Swatch Book visualised the creativity that was developed during the work of 2007/2008.

Swatch Book samples a selection of projects through a variety of material including photography, quotations and young people’s work, as evidence of the impact of creative learning for young people, teachers and creative partners.

This was a visually interesting project, we worked closely with the Creative Partnerships team to produce an exciting piece of print that took the shape and feel of a swatch book. Bound by a opening ring, and die cut in the shape of a tag, each page can be used as a resource, inspiring quote individually or as part of a set.

View the Swatch book, and download a PDF of the publication Swatchbook PDF